The privacy of our clients is important to us. Here is a notice explaining how your data is collected and utilized.

The information we collect:

When you order a subscription, your details are strictly confidential, and maintained through our secure servers. The only personal data that we receive is your contact information (ie. name, email address), in order to communicate with you when deemed necessary, ie. following a site transaction. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding your privacy, you can contact the website.


None of your personal or financial details will be rented, shared or sold. Your personally identifiable information will be protected to the highest degree, and all credit transactions occur in a secure area, with user information stored in a secure location, with limited administrative access. Transactions are totally anonymous, with non-site-related statement details. 

Accessing your information:

If you wish to access your personally identifiable information that we collect, you can do that via your account at our payment gateway website.

Third Party Links:

This site contains links to other websites, and we affirm that they are legal, safe and virus-free. However we are not responsible for any problems that may arise from accessing third-party websites. If you encounter a problem with a third-party website, we advise that you resolve the issue with the administrator of that website.