Any attempts to commit fraud will be treated as serious offences. Offenders' details will be published on this page. We may also contact your ISP, where necessary. Offences include: chargebacks, security breaches, committing libel, file sharing.

To remove your details from this page, either provide a valid testimony or refund the stolen amount. Note: honest members' details are not usually stored, but under these circumstances, we will request said details.

1. John Anderson: 6228 Breeds Hill Ct. Citrus Heights, CA 95621, USA.

2. Jonathan McCauley: 2509 Lavendale, Austin, TX 78748, USA.



5. Benjamin Gibson: 6821 South 150 West, Pendleton, IN 46064, USA.

6. David Miller: PG2 Parcela 67, Algaida, Other 555777, SPAIN.